~35 years of experience

  Awardee of State and National Yoga Awards     National PATANJALI Yoga Award 2006       Lokanayak Jayaprakash Narayan, National Award 2007       Basavajyothi State Award 2007       YOGA RATHNA-2008 State award       Yoga Chetana State Award -2010  
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(35 years rich experience in yogic science and qualified yoga Guruji, R.M.P (IBAM) C.Y.C., P.G.D.Y.T.,)

Dr|| Yogacharya

Shri Raghavendra Guruji 

(~35 years rich experience in yogic science and qualified yoga Guruji, R.M.P (IBAM) C.Y.C., P.G.D.Y.T.,)

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N0.189, 3rd Main ,6th Cross, 

C Block, Devaraj Urs Layout,


Karnataka, India. 

Ph :  08192 271731 

 Mob : 094484 22829

E-mail : raghavendra.guruji@yahoo.com

On 20th April 2011, The World society of Integrated Medicine, S.F. Minneapolis, MN 55369, U.S.A, certifies that Dr|| Yogacharya Sri Raghavendra Guruji has been elected for "FELLOW" of the society in recognition of his outstanding scholarly work and his contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field of yoga hereby entitled to use the designation "FWSIM-[U.S.A.]".

On 18th January 2009, The New Age International University (NAIU) Seborga, Europe honored the degree in Doctor of Philosophy to Shri Raghavendra Guruji, for the thesis, YOGA An in-depth study into Indian yogic science and the complete system of pathanjalis yoga and an epistemological research of the effect in the practice of yoga Basic and Pranayamma Asanas on NIDDM (type 2).

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root YUJ meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke to direct and concentrate ones attention on to use and apply it also means union or communion it yoking of our will with of god . It means the yoking of all the powers of body mind and soul to god.

Yoga is one of the six orthodox system of Indian philosophy. It was collected co-ordinates and systematized by the great Maharshi patanjali in his classical work, so that since he called as a yoga pitamaha.

When his mind intellect and self (ahamkara) are under control freed from restless. So that they rest in spirit within, a man becomes a yukta. (Sangama) one in communion with god.     

-by Maharshi Patanjali 

IN YOGA "bending of mind is more important than bending of body".     

-by Sri Narayana Swamiji, Mysore 

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