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  Awardee of State and National Yoga Awards     National ‘PATANJALI ’ Yoga Award – 2006       Lokanayak Jayaprakash Narayan, National Award 2007       Basavajyothi State Award 2007       YOGA ‘RATHNA-2008 ’ State award       Yoga Chetana State Award -2010  
























Yogacharya Sri Raghavendra Guruji began his education at the feet of the Late Shri Shri Raghavendra Swamijee who was the founder of world  famous Yoga Centre at Malladihalli (Chitradurga–dist) Karnataka, which is named now “Patanjali Yoga Mahavidhyala”. Vishwa Yoga Mandira.. Since 25 years he has engaged himself in teaching Yoga & running Yoga classes, conducting Yoga work shops, disease wise yoga therapy also. He is expert in Massage Therapy.

Sri Raghavendra Guruji was born in 1964. July 22 at Ellampalli at Neelavara Village in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka, India. Sri guruji had his early education at his native place. Later, had his education in Davangere. Sri guruji got his education in yoga at “Patanjali’ Yoga Maha vidyalaya”. Vishwa Yoga Mandira at Malladhalli, Karnataka, India. Sri guruji was the beloved student of mahayogi malladihalli Shri Raghavendra swamijee(Tiruka).

Sri Guruji had mastered the art of Yoga from his boyhood days and performed Yoga performances in many places, centers and assemblies and attracted the attention of the people(Audience). The encouragement and inspiration of the elders and respected teachers inspired him by his continuous efforts and studies; he took part in Yogasana performances were exhibited in various places in state and country.

He also conducted “ Yoga Camps ” for the benefits of the common people and enlightened them about the importance of “Yoga” in the daily life. He stressed the importance of  “Yoga” in the development of both body and mind.

Sri Guruji’s talent and services are recognized by the public institutions and associations and honoured with the title “ Yoga Prabhakar ” in 1987. His talent was broad casted in the Television which is really a great feat of the great man.

Again the noble man directed and produced “ Surya Namaskara System ”  a short tele film with a mass of 800 children. It was produced in the year 1996.

 Education of “Yoga” that he was learnt since 1978 has been given to those who had interest and desire to learn the art. He finds delight in teaching the same to others. He had conducted many training camps and has been conducting the same even today. He has thousands of disciples who are indebted to him.

On the opening day of yoga Mandira. Late Sri Gundu Rao, the Honorable Chief minister of Karnataka Presided over the function. On the great occasion minister and Swamiji also blessed the guruji for his performance of Yoga feats.

In 1995 Sri Guruji’s wrote “ Yoga Kaipidi”  and Bala Yoga Kaipidi, a simple book and his book has been printed 6 times. Sri Guruji’s has written and published many other books on Yoga. In  2008 Sri Guruji’s written a book of  “Yoga work shop” and it was released in Chennai, also many health articles written state level daily News Papers and monthly Magazines. 

Another great achievement of Guruji is “ Dhyana Sahita  Bhajane  and audio cassette" in which he himself has sung the song (Bhajane) and released for the ennoblement of mind and heart.

He is a man who does not want to keep the art of Yoga for himself but wants to enlighten the mind and body of others in the society. So for he has Conducted more than 859 Free camps of yoga. He has other hobbies in his like playing on Tabala, Yakshagana costumes and Bhajans.

Sri Guruji is like a Moving encyclopedia in the art of Yoga and its practice. His determination, dedication and devotion towards Yoga is surpassing. Sri Guruji conducts Free Yoga camps every year in August & December at R.H.Geeta Mandir in Davangere. It shows his devotion towards his “guru” and the art of Yoga. This has become a record Yoga camp year by years. 

Sri Guruji is organizes “Yoga Camp”, Yoga has become his life and breath. He loves the art of yoga and spreads it to others. He works for building a healthy society with his devotion. Determination and dedication. 

The devotion - in the art of yoga and other activities involved in Yoga should be encouraged by us.   We also pray the all mighty to give him strength and blessings to do great works in the art of Yoga. 





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